Products & Services

At MBS, we are dedicated to providing our partners the products and services that simplify the essentials of the bookstore business.

Shown below is just one of many offerings we can readily provide bookstores to accomplish any and all business objectives.

Bin & Hold ordering

Facilitate more convenience with Bin & Hold ordering

If textbook storage space or frustrating order reworks are issues for your bookstore, you are in luck with MBS. With our Bin and Hold service, you can order titles and receive them at your convenience. We'll fill your order and secure it in our warehouse until you're ready to take stock. Your books will arrive all at the same time, so you won't have to deal with the mound of boxes cluttering up your stockroom before rush.

Besides being a great space saver, Bin and Hold allows you to place an initial order and add to it as many times as you'd like. As you add titles, we'll consolidate all of your books into one easy-to-receive shipment detailed in one clear invoice. At any point during the bin-and-hold process, we can also advise you of the approximate dollar value in your bin as well as an estimated carton count.

And because there's no need to wait until your order is complete to place it, you'll increase your chances of getting more used books by submitting your partial want list early.

Rework your order to acquire new inventory

Reworking means that we'll compare your want list to incoming shipments so that you'll be the first to take advantage of fresh inventory. You set the reworks schedule (daily, weekly, or certain days of the week), and we take of the rest. All titles with an open-to-buy status can be reworked, and at your request, we'll keep you posted on the results of our efforts.