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Access your eBooks on the iPad

As the popularity of the iPad continues to grow, your students will undoubtedly wonder if they can use their eBooks from the UDT program on the device. The answer, of course, is yes.

How do UDT eBooks work on the iPad?

Students can use eBooks from VitalSource and CourseSmart on the iPad. With VitalSource titles, students can access their eBooks online at VitalSource's website wherever they have an Internet connection. This includes using their iPad's Web browser, where they still benefit from all the features of the eBook.

When students buy a CourseSmart title, they have the option of choosing a downloaded version or accessing it online. The online version is accessible through the iPad's Web browser when students visit CourseSmart's site.

Additionally, because the iPad operating system is the same as the iPhone, many of the iPhone applications are also available for the iPad. This includes free applications from CourseSmart and VitalSource that are available through Apple's App Store.

The CourseSmart app allows students to access their eBooks on the iPad—regardless of whether they've elected the downloaded or online version—and provides full functionality. The VitalSource app enables students to view any notes and highlights they've made in their eBooks, equipping students with a helpful study accessory when they're on the go.

Using other mobile devices

The iPad isn't the only mobile device that supports your students' eBooks. With the UDT program, students can use their eBook titles on any mobile device that has a supported Web browser and can connect to the Internet-including smartphones and portable media players like the iPod Touch.

An ongoing commitment to your students and bookstore

MBS designed the UDT program to offer students an educational resource that fits in with their active and technologically-driven lives. In doing so, we're committed to continually developing this eBook program to meet the rising needs and demands of your student customers. This includes keeping you up to date on advances in technology and how they may affect the way your students want to use their eBooks and other materials.

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