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At MBS, we are dedicated to providing our partners the products and services that simplify the essentials of the bookstore business.

Shown below is just one of many offerings we can readily provide bookstores to accomplish any and all business objectives.

MBS Point of Service

Advanced Customer Servicing with the MBS POS

As the most highly-developed resource for customer servicing, the MBS Point of Service system (MBS POS) is integral for simplifying the essentials of your bookstore.

Equipped with flexible programming, the MBS POS provides expanded customer service by enabling your employees to access more applications and operations—including ordering, receiving, and inventory information—right from the cash register.

Even more importantly for your customers, the MBS POS is highly secured with proprietary technology from Toshiba that is Visa PA-DSS compliant, which provides you the highest transaction security available to prevent credit card fraud.

The system also utilizes an Electronic Payment Solution (EPS) that not only reduces credit card processing times and fees, but also uses a redundant dial to ensure all transactions go through without user intervention in the event of a network interruption.

To supplement its advanced customer servicing value, the MBS POS is powered by the top-of-the-line Windows operating system and has the capacity to connect to the Internet.

From managing inventory and ordering information, to basic customer service tasks like conducting sales transactions, the MBS POS is the most important investment you can make to simplify all of your day-to-day responsibilities. Not only will you notice the difference, but the increased servicing capabilities will give your customers a more satisfying shopping experience.

For more information about the MBS POS and all it can do to drive your operations, contact your MBS Representative.