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At MBS, we are dedicated to providing our partners the products and services that simplify the essentials of the bookstore business.

Shown below is just one of many offerings we can readily provide bookstores to accomplish any and all business objectives.

One Planet Books

One Planet Books

Designed specifically for college stores, this easy-to-adopt program collects textbooks that have no current market value to ensure that fewer are thrown away or discarded in landfills. Our program then works with various partners to recycle these books, maximizing reuse and minimizing reliance on landfills and other solutions that are not eco-friendly.

We provide you with donation boxes where students can place their unwanted books and the marketing materials you need to spread the word about the program. All you have to do is pack and ship the boxes to MBS; even the freight is free!

Better yet, your store generates revenue for each carton of books collected! Because your store gets complete control over the proceeds, you can use them to start other green initiatives, fund campus organizations, or even to create a textbook scholarship; it's all up to you!

Want to learn more about One Planet Books? Visit our website or talk with your MBS Representative for more information!