Products & Services

At MBS, we are dedicated to providing our partners the products and services that simplify the essentials of the bookstore business.

Shown below is just one of many offerings we can readily provide bookstores to accomplish any and all business objectives.

Ordering Options

Six convenient ways to order

Ordering your textbooks and other course materials doesn't have to be a taxing duty. At MBS, we realize our customers’ ordering preferences vary, which is why we offer six different ordering options—all fit for your convenience.

MBS Realtime Ordering

MBS Realtime is the quick and easy ordering solution, regardless of whether you're in need of books right away or placing an order to be shipped later. Realtime provides 24/7 Internet ordering with up-to-the-minute information, allowing you to view stock as it comes and goes. For more information about Realtime ordering, click here.

MBS DirectLink

If you are a customer using our textbook management systems, DirectLink delivers fast computer-to-computer toll-free electronic ordering between your store and our inventory terminals. You're guaranteed to receive a response to your want list within 30 minutes.


If you are a customer who doesn't utilize our systems, no problem. EasyLink is used by more than 1,000 stores and allows you to process your want list electronically.


Send your want lists to us as an attachment in an email to After we receive your order, it is worked electronically and a reply email confirmation is sent to you within minutes.

Toll Free

MBS was the first in the industry to offer toll-free orders in 1978. Today, we still provide this viable and convenient ordering option for our customers. Call us at 800-325-0577 and your order will be handled promptly.


Feel free to send your orders by fax as well at 800-325-5152.