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At MBS, we are dedicated to providing our partners the products and services that simplify the essentials of the bookstore business.

Shown below is just one of many offerings we can readily provide bookstores to accomplish any and all business objectives.

MBS Rental

MBS Rental Solutions

With the most competitive rental guarantee (rebate) program in the industry, it's easier than ever to enhance the depth and breadth of your program and, ultimately, become more competitive.

MBS Rental lets you play by your own rules. There's no contracts, no agreements and no catch; just submit your list to get started. At the end of the semester, you decide to send your books back to MBS or keep them.

Better yet, our text applications allow rental textbooks to be returned directly at the buyback counter, saving valuable time for both you and your students! With the ability to buy retail and wholesale as well as check-in rental in the same transaction, buyers handle the work while the system keeps track of rental returns and provides all audit trails and reporting.

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